Compare the nutrition quality of food products with the Nutri-Score!

The Nutri-Score is a logo that shows the nutritional quality of food products with A to E grades. With the NutriScore, products can be easily and quickly compared.


The Nutri-Score grade is determined by the amount of healthy and unhealthy nutrients:

Negative points: energy, saturated fat, sugars, sodium (high levels are considered unhealthy)

Positive points: the proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts, fibers and proteins (high levels are considered good for health).


Do you want to know Nolita nutri-score?


Yes, we have the best possible score!!! A

Do you know why?

Because our product is truly healthy.

 Nutri-Score A

Curious about the nutri-score of other products that you eat regularly?

You can see the Nutri-Score of food products with the Open Food Facts iPhone and Android mobile app, and on the Open Food Facts web site