Your quick guide to a healthy diet

What is truly healthy food?

Healthy food may be a diferent concept for you and for your friends. This is because marketing slogans have more awareness than cientifique research about food.

At Nolita, we love fashion, but only in clothes and hair styles. We do not play with health.

The definition of healthy food, in a scientific way, is clear. Nolita's commitment too.


Your guide to a easier healthy diet


1) NO refined sugar

Avoid products that may contain white sugar. Choose products with:

- brown sugar

- coconot sugar

- stevia

- monkey fruit sweetener

- brown rice jelly or coconut jelly

 Look at the nutricional information and choose products that have less than 10% of sugar (recommended by the World Health Organisation) or less than 5% if you want to lose weight or be healthier.


2) NO other refined carbs

Some products are advertised as whole grains, but still have a large portion of refined grains that are not healthy.

Look at the composition of the products you want to buy and make sure that the carbs are all (or the majority) whole grains. 


3) NO artificial ingredients

Look at the composition of the products. If you don't understand the name of some of the ingredients it is probably better to choose other products or search for more information about these misterious ingredients.


4) NO pesticides

This is the easiest one. Search for the symbol of certified organic products. This symbol may vary from one country to another (see some examples below). The certification garanties that no chemicals are used during the production and preparation process.

organic logos EU and USA


You want to find truly healthy products for breakfast and snack moments?

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