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Do you know the 5 problems of your daily breakfast?

1 More than 12% of sugar. In most cases, more than 20%. Not a good help to maintain your beautiful curves.

2 Fast carbs (refined grains) that are quickly absorbed by your body… a guaranty that you will be hungry soon after eating it.

3 Processed food with a huge life shelf using a lot of artificial ingredients.

4 Made of ingredients that grew from conventional farming, full of pesticides that can damage your health.


Here is a great alternative!

Now imagine a new kind of breakfast, with a tasty granola, that can be your everyday pleasure AND is super healthy. Yes! Nolita was created for you: 1 no refined sugar, 2 only slow carbs (whole grains), 3 healthy fat (omega 3), 4 no artificial ingredients, 5 bio ingredients… naturally sweet and crunchy, a delicious mix of cereal flakes, nuts & seeds.


Simple ingredients that you easily recognise and trust.

Whole Oat Flakes *, Whole Millet Puff *, Brown Rice Jelly *, Hazelnut *, Almond *, Olive Oil *, Seeds * (Sesame, Pumpkin and Sunflower), Cinnamon *

* From organic farming

PT-BIO-05 EU/ non EU agriculture (bio UE certification)




Children friendly :-)

Nolita’s founder started to cook granola (among other healthy treasures) for herself and her husband when she decided to get rid of unhealthy food (at least in her house). Her kids (at that time 7 and 10 years old) tried the granola and started to eat it on a daily basis. The youngest one loves everything that is super mega sweet, so she adds a little bit of rice jelly to the granola, giving it an extra sweet flavour. Let your kids try Nolita!   


Goes with you everywhere.

Nolita is available in a single dose packaging (pack of 5 units of 50 g) so you can easily bring it with you and have a healthy snack wherever you are and whenever you want. You can also put it in your children’s school bag.

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